Tom Thornton



An experimental file manager a gif showing Near in use


A game about memory a gif showing the first room of Lucerna


A quick on-the-fly drawing program that copies straight to your clipboard a gif showing a sketch being copied into Word from Bristol

"self-imposed jam game 1"

An arcade style game made from scratch in 48 non-consecutive hours a gif showing an arcade style bullet-hell fighting game


A data description language for metaprogramming and compile-time reflection
foo : i32 = 8;
_bar2 : f64 = 912.872;

my_float := 1 / (4 + 19.8);
my_unsigned_int : u64;

example_1 : struct
    example_2 : string = "hello, world!";

    @tag_1 @tag_2="this is an annotation value"
    example_3 : union
        example_4 : [8]i8;
        example_5 : u32*;